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Our booking engine now gives agents the ability to book all aspects of travel. Compare rates for flights, hotels, car rentals, and activities from thousands of destinations worldwide – all from a streamlined dashboard only WINGS can deliver.


WINGS Booking Engine

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Why book with us?


Ultimate Collaboration Tool

Work on itineraries in real time with clients and coworkers alike.


Automated Organization

Maximum organization with minimal effort thanks to a new dashboard.


One Stop Shop

Now you can book flights, activities, hotels, and car rentals from one convenient platform!


Enhanced Airfare

Sell the most comprehensive suite of airfare on the market.


Create Customer Loyalty

With this tool, your customer will never need to go anywhere else.


Grow Your Business

Organically grow your business with advanced administration capabilities.


Make More Money

Earn better commissions and earn a passive income by selectively allowing clients to take more control of booking.


We’re Here to Help

Customer support is standing by 24/7 to help – and we speak 25+ languages to better assist you!


Now available: Zelle

Introducing a quicker way to pay with Zelle. Enjoy instantaneous transfer payments and no fees. Contact your bank for further details or click here to enroll.


How to register with us?

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