WINGS Booking Engine

Browse hundreds of low net fares at the click of a button


Our booking engine gives agents the power to view and compare airfare across our airline partners, book clients’ flights to anywhere in the world, manage current reservations, and make your job so much easier







Upon approval of registration,
you'll be able to:

  • Display and manage existing bookings
  • View at-a-glance fare comparisons of net vs. published fares
  • Receive detailed email confirmations showing baggage, GDS, and record locators for quick referencing
  • Secure reservations now and update credit card info, TSA Precheck status, frequent flyer memberships, and meal requests later
  • Request changes and cancellations online via the new portal
  • Manage your own users, if you are a large agency
  • Look at PNRs live in-preview
  • Search both US and Canadian fares with a built-in currency converter
  • Utilize all four major GDS (Sabre, Amadeus, Worldspan, and Apollo)

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