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Africa’s Vast Kingdom

A destination for bold and adventurous travelers, here are some of the best countries to visit in Africa:



Show clients the meaning of adventure in beautiful Tanzania – home to some of Africa’s most famous landmarks including Mount Kilimanjaro, the continent’s highest peak. This behemoth stands a staggering 19,336 feet tall and is popular with climbers, hikers, and those who simply want a selfie to beat all selfies. In the Serengeti, clients can go on photographic safari for the big five: lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and African buffalo. However your clients envision safari, Tanzania will make their dreams come true.


South Africa

Highlight the countries best sites! Show your clients the Ardenne Gardens in Cape Town featuring 300 trees and wide open lawns perfect for picnics. The World Heritage Site in Johannesburg will let clients explore hundreds of fossils and ancient caves or explore Pretoria and the National Cultural History Museum home to historical documents, archaeological finds, and various artworks.



Land of pharaohs, pyramids, and beauty. Your clients will see them all on a trip to Egypt from Sky Bird. Cruise up the Nile to Abu Simbel, a feat of engineering both ancient and modern – the entire temple complex had to be relocated in order to avoid flooding! Next, stop by Luxor and marvel at the many temples and ruins. Lastly, end their trip with the most famous Egyptian landmarks of them all: the Great Pyramid of Giza!



Help your clients rediscover what they love about Nigeria! Families will enjoy the Jabi Lake Mall featuring over 120 stores and a cinema for the perfect afternoon outing. Adventure lovers will relish the opportunity to explore the Lekki Reserve which offers a rainforest canopy walkway for a unique perspective of nature. Or perhaps clients wish to connect with their cultural history at the Osun-Osogbo Grove where ancient rituals come to life. Whatever they desire, we’ll find your clients the lowest fares to Nigeria.



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