Airline Consolidation 101

How working with an Airline Consolidator leads to your success as a travel agent


Maybe you’ve never heard of an airline consolidator. Maybe you’ve heard of them, but don’t know about their benefits. Let us show you how much more successful you could be by putting Sky Bird’s award-winning services to work for you!

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What does an airline consolidator do?

We connect travel agents to low net fares. How? By purchasing airfare in bulk from our 90+ airline partners. Then we pass the savings on to you through our comprehensive booking engine, WINGS.


How will you help my business grow?

Sky Bird works closely with our agents to help them thrive. We use our global expertise to assist agents with all of their travel needs. You’ll be able to smooth out any travel wrinkles, and they’ll remember how well you handle things when the next vacation days come around.

Itinerary planning assistance
Assist with itineraries to places the agent may be unfamiliar with.
Thousands of flights worldwide
Thanks to our many airline partners and their extensive route networks, we’ll make sure clients get there - no matter how remote the destination.
24/7 customer assistance
We offer 24/7 assistance so you and your clients have peace of mind when stressful situations arise.

All of this gives you an advantage in an ever-increasing competitive field.


Do you offer value apart from airfare?

Yes! We provide the lowest net fares, but that’s not all we do.


What do I have to do to get started?

We’re glad you asked! Registration is free! Simply fill out the form here and as soon as you’re approved, you’ll be on your way to a better booking experience.