Still from video timeline celebrating 45 years in business

Honoring our past

In 1976, our Founder and Chairman, Arvin Shah, opened the first Sky Bird Travel & Tours office in Downtown Detroit's Booking Building. From the beginning, Sky Bird's mission was rooted in taking care of the customer. As we grew to incorporate innovative technology, expand services, and open more offices, outstanding customer service remained constant.
The last 45 years of success were not earned without historic industry challenges like the Gulf Wars in 1991, the tragedy of 9/11, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic. However, our dedicated team and supporting airlines partners maintain Sky Bird's mission to always take care of the customer, and that relentless commitment is what gives us the privilege of celebrating 45 years in the travel industry, and looking forward to many more.

Thank you to our partners and our team for celebrating with us!

More kind words from our team

In my 22 years of service with Sky Bird, I have seen a tremendous growth under the leadership of Mr. Shah. While so many consolidators either closed their doors or got sold, Sky Bird persisted to be there for its customers. Even today during this pandemic, the growth is on. The sky is the limit for this company. CONGRATULATIONS!


Mr. Shah you are fondly regarded as an ‘Industry Leader and Pioneer.’ The competition respects and envies your position in the business. Sky Bird Travel continues to firmly hold its ground as a top rated airline consolidator, steaming ahead successfully for 45 Years (and counting) thanks to your strong and insightful leadership. It’s my privilege and honor (for close to 20 years) to be part of the Sky Bird family and to grow along with this wonderful organization. May you continue to guide us to greater heights of success, with God’s grace! 2021 is indeed a milestone year in the history of the company. Together we all celebrate Sky Bird’s 45th Anniversary. So, Mr. Shah, HEARTIEST CONGRATS AND A BIG THANK YOU!

With respect and tons of love, Lal

Thank you to our team and our partners

We are honored to have been your global partner throughout these decades, and we look forward to working with you in the decades to come.