Group Travel

We designed the Group Department to handle travel parties of ten or more. With parties of this size we are able to leverage our purchasing power with airlines to make sure you get the best fares. Sometimes members of a group may want to book tickets separately, resulting in various prices and exposes them to the potential of different itineraries. The Groups Department ensures that everyone pays the same low price and gets there at the same time to eliminate the hassle.

Fares booked for the initial group size are locked in and do not change once contracted. Due to Sky Bird’s purchasing volume, we maintain preferred status with airlines to ensure the best fares for your entire group. With group bookings we also offer the amenity of delayed ticketing so that you make the reservation and lock in the price.

Submit a group request

  • How many travelers does it take to qualify for group rates?

    To qualify for group rates, we ask that you book a minimum of 10 passengers. Business / First class would be 6 or more.

  • What is the required deposit for group bookings?

    The average deposit for Domestic Groups is $50.00 per seat, and for International Groups it is about $100.00.

  • Final Payment

    The final payment is due 35 days prior to departure along with the official name list and ticketing.

  • Deviations

    We know that some people in your group want to do their own thing and go off to explore on their own. With Sky Bird Group department, if the airline cannot provide you with an acceptable fare for the deviation, no worries. Leave it to us and we’ll use our connections to get it done for you!

  • Cancellations

    We know the disappointment that comes along with cancelled plans. Our connections allow us to make the cancellation process as effortless as possible.